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    Paxton, Hoffenheim had the best record at scoring from set pieces in the Bundesliga last season. We only gave away 3 corners to Watford the other day and they scored from 2 of them.

    Now, the one thing that gives me some confidence is that Hoffenheim also had one of the best defences regards set pieces last season too. Why on earth would that be a good thing?

    Well, my guess is that from this we’re talking about a big enough team and judging by the fact that they came 4th they can probably play a bit of football too but their strength is obvious. With a strength, you can often make an educated guess at a weakness, if you consider the league and position they finished in. Well, I am going to do that and guess that they might struggle against us in open play, when we’re on the attack.

    So, no I don’t think we’ll breeze past them but I do think we’ll get to do our thing and score goals. We don’t have Coutinho, who has let himself and the team down with this fake injury nonsense but like any team worthy of being called one, we’ll march on without him because we have a lot of quality in our side and our system.

    I don’t want to try and call whether we’ll win or lose until I’ve watched the first match though.


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