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    Two matches I’ve seen now. If you don’t have your nail your colours to the mast and just enjoy a game of football, then great, but if you have the knowledge and have the experience, you will know as well as I do that the quality overall was flattering because the defending especially from my team quite frankly is shocking.

    Not seeing the 90 minutes off is one thing, but having to re-live in not being able to hold out 90 minutes and conceding soft goals from set-pieces really is just poor and a consistent feeling of being back to square one.

    Pre-season games are now replaced by these mini-tournaments, but with Liverpool, I just can’t believe from all the time we had that we still find ourselves in a position of the same howlers and not being able to set up properly and professionally as a defensive unit.

    We really are burying our heads in the sand or JK isn’t able to get the targets he needs to address the defence.

    Instead of attempting bid after bid on VVD, we should map out a list of names and alternatives we can sign and put together a defensive unit that will gell. This is Jurgen Klopp’s second full season in charge and why do we still have Brendan Rodgers’ players? What’s Moreno even doing in the first 11?

    At times when it’s needed, we still are not ruthless enough. Wijnaldum should have made it 4 and put the game to bed – what’s he even doing trying to head the ball down?! Put it in row Z!!!!! Jeez for heaven’s sake, I know we’ve barely come through the entrance doors of the new season, but I can sort of envisage this to sadly go downhill for us with JK losing his job and ultimately leaving us back to square one where we have been for the last 27 years.


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