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    2018 is a world cup year… does anyone think Coutinho won’t try to fight for a place in the national team? Like it or not, he will play well for Liverpool because he wants to be selected for the world cup. So I do not see the logic of FSG entertaining all this without a solid replacement to Couts.

    The logic is that Barca does not have much more cards to play with. They and whoever Couts’ agent is have badly advised him to play his trump card at this juncture so near the start of the season thinking they can play the same trick they did to us before. Sure Liverpool may sell him but it will mean the end of the little goodwill supporters/fans has towards them.

    I may be biased in how I see this. But the logic does not add up. Couts will knuckle down and bugger off next year with the correct price for his talent.


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