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    I don’t have a great memory so this is such a difficult question for me. The Newcastle games were amazing. I will only pick one though and that’s the 2nd game because we went 3-0 up and were cruising only to be pegged all the way back to 3-3. I was watching that “oh fat chance on a repeat of last year”. . and then Fowler scores even later than collymore did the year before. There are arguments to pick the other game over it (Keegans head dropping after Collymore scored haha!) but no.

    I’d like to think of a better result than the 4-1 at old Trafford but I can’t pick Istanbul 😛

    The best moment (and this is a bit sad) was when we beat Man City towards the end of the 13/14 campaign. I truly expected the title after that day. WHOOPS!


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