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Hightown hope

    Ed…I really don’t see our Phil as a Neymar replacement. Different sort of player on the field, and just as relevantly different sort of person off the field. By that, I mean he is less marketable than Neymar…less showy, less brash, less cocky, shyer if you like. I’ve hardly ever seen an interview with Phil in the 5 years he’s been at Anfield. ..that won’t sell the shirts!

    Of course, the other point is that he isn’t, as yet, half the player Neymar is. I just think it would be a strange move by both parties. If he were to win the league at Anfield ( a big if I know before you all jump on that!), they would name a stand after him and he would be forever remembered and adored. At Barca, they expect it at least every other year. Would he get in the Barca team? Guess he would at €100+m but then that is teal pressure.

    Still hoping for another season from him at Anfield then we sell him for €200m!!


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