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Chucky McChuckface

    It still all comes down to objective…. your black and white decisions… did the ball go over the line, that’s a yes or no… offside, again, should be a yes or no…. inside ot outside the peno box, easy enough… anything else it all comes down to a matter of opinion regardless of how many angles or slo-mo’s… was there enough contact for a foul? You can’t really tell, only if there was contact or not… and we all know gravity has a different effect depending on where you are on the pitch…

    Still say half to problem is players/managers bascially cheating and pushing the rules past their limits, but I would still like to see VAR scrapped…

    Perfect example… fisrt half against the 115 on Monday… the ball very clearly went out for a “corner” but the ref gave a goal kick… Madders looked “mad” and KDB looked a bit “sheepish”… but was he honest about it? Played the game in the right spirit? Of course he didn’t… (and yes, I’m sure the Spud players would have done exactly the same thing if the boot was on the other end of the pitch!)


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