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paul powers tash

    Absolutely no surprise that Michael Oliver, already on the payroll of City’s owners through his stints in the UAE, is chosen to referee the FA Cup final.

    He’s on VAR duty not the referee as per

    Re the charges, there’s absolutely no way City are getting any kind of real punishment. They’ll get off with a small fine IMO. They no doubt have the best legal team money can buy so will find some way to get off.

    The Premier league have got two or three of the bigest firms in the City Inc the leading sports law KV money can buy.So it’s hardly “David vs Goliath” Ed.I believe (from what I’ve seen and been told) MCFC will be cleared 100% of all charges ( This original thread started about Goldbridge getting a cease and desist letter was absolute bollocks btw.Another load of shite from twitter from CM ala his Var thread also.

    Have a read of page 38 & 39 of the CAS report (link below)


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