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Home Community General Football Cease and desist for mentioning 115 Reply To: Cease and desist for mentioning 115


    I’m waiting for Chucky to come on here and tells us he’s been legally threatened for continuously calling them the 115 on footydebate!

    It’s a bit petty, freedom of speech and all that.

    I also think they will get away with most of it, maybe a small fine for non-cooperation. The biggies, covering up your expendiature and falsifying your sponsorship income, involve so many people and organisations outside of City or their group, with some being multi billion dollar companies or high rankers in them, that it will be very difficult to prove the charges.

    How do non-City fans feel if they are not found guilty? I am not sure I can continue to invest time into sport where cheats do indeed prosper. It might likely be the final nail in my coffin as a football supporter.


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