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    Ed, difference with Ange is that you can at least see a plan with him and a style of play that the players have bought into, even if he can be rather naive at the back. And whether he’s being too insistent on playing it out at the back as he did vs us yesterday, or the players are to blame I don’t know.

    But with Ten Hag, it’s very hard to discern what the plan is bar just trying to be a good counter attacking team. One might argue Ten Hag is just playing the cards he’s been given but the problem is he’s signed quite a few of these players over a few seasons and they haven’t really delivered.

    Again, I don’t understand what the whole Ange debate has to do with Ten Hag? 😄. Why must everything be compared to Ten Hag? Sure, Ange has a plan. So did Bielsa and we used to expose it every time we played his teams. Used to love playing his sides. Me having a go at Ange doesn’t mean I think Ten Hag is better or particularly good. This is about Ange though, not Ten Hag.


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