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    Wow, I’m quite surprised at the negativity about Spurs and Ange.

    Firstly, people are right, a few injuries to some key players and the Spurs side gets exposed quickly. However, Ange has almost had to rebuild the team. What he has inherited is not too disimilar to what Moyes got at Utd. Granted, Utd won the league before, but the squad was both ageing and had pretty much no investments for a few years to that point. They also pretty much won the league thanks to one player, Van Persie. Spurs have been punching above their weight for a few seasons now, really off the back of one player too, Kane, with the odd cameo from Son. The Spurs team we are seeing fielded at the moment is largely unrecognisable form the last few years. So Ange has rebuilt the team in a matter of months, got them playing lovely football, they seem to have great cameraderie, hell even Richarlison seems to be playing well, oh and they’re top of the league.

    As for the depth of squad, imagine if they are within 5 points of the first place come the Jan transfer window. Where are some good signings likely to want to move to if given the choice between Man U or Spurs?
    A team on the down that seems to be constantly in shambles or a team on the up that is playing with great confidence and squad happiness? That squad depth may no longer be an issue by then.

    ….but yeah, Ange is overhyped hahahaha.


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