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    Could have been two yellows yes.
    This is a men’s game. Not a game for fairies.
    There’s too much diving and playacting trying to con the ref.
    I’m pretty sure this idiot will brandish a red before the end. Thing is , its not been remotely dirty.
    Just watched HT chat. Kovacic v v lucky not to get two yellows.
    Pep needs to sub him at HT . Otherwise we’ll be down to ten men in no time.
    When I used to play a long long time ago at a decent amateur level (Northern Nomads) you had to be tough and you didn’t try and get the opposition down to 10 men.

    Long for those days. In the era of Summerbee, Bell, Lee etc. there was non of this. Dinosaur you may say.

    Every game I watch its the same. Con the ref, berate the ref, nonsense VAR.


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