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Mikus LFC

    Thing is though CM, if Ten Hag was getting the results, there would be no way back for Sancho and most people would be lauding him for laying down the law. But he’s struggling to get results and so he’ll inevitably be struggling to demonstrate his authority. Added to that some of the players he has signed are struggling. I know we’ve thrashed this out on the other thread, but I still maintain the manager is and always will be the most important person at a club. I don’t doubt the owners haven’t helped over several matters. But one of the big reasons why some players have become untouchable if you like, is that the managerial appointments have been poor and the players start to sense they will last longer than whoever the manager is, so they inevitably become more powerful.

    No matter what’s happening at a club, the manager has to get results. It’s where he derives a lot of his authority from. Mourinho & Conte had difficult spells at Spurs. Things were arguably looking a bit grim after that. Then they lost their top scorer and talisman Kane. But a very good manager comes in and the mist has completely lifted and they’re now top of the league.


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