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    The reason why Martinez was getting skinned is because he was playing injured and it was revealed he was brought back too soon after last season’s injury. That is all on Ten Hag for allowing to happen, now he is out for 3-4 months.

    Liverpool lost Van Dijk a few years ago after that challenge by Pickford. They badly missed him because the players who came in were not good enough. I remember when we lost Rio for 9 months and Wes Brown had to cover for him. Rio was the leader at the back, once we lost his quality and leadership, our season fell apart.

    I believe if you lose 1 or 2 players in different areas, then there isn’t an excuse. But if you have lost 4-5 in the same area of the pitch, then you are pretty much buggered.

    There is only so much the manage can do with the quality he has to choose from. There is a reason why they are 3rd or 4th choice.


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