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    Congratulations to England on getting through to the final.
    I’m not overly dissappointed, even if getting there ourselves would have been fantastic. But if anyone had said the word semifinal before the tournament, I’d have taken it gladly. Especially after the incident with Eriksen.

    I think England played better than us in the second half and during the entire extra time, so based on that England deserved it.

    Of course Raheem Sterling dived. It wasn’t a penalty. Maybe we shouldn’t have had the freekick that Damsgaard scored on. But as far as gifts from the ref goes, a penalty is a heck of a lot of a bigger gift. But no matter what England did enough to earn their place in the final. No argument there.

    Something I will say is that I found it to be very poor taste that the English fans booed during our national anthem. That happened against the Germans as well. I hope that doesn’t happen in the final against Italy. That is just disrespectful and shouldn’t happen.
    And the laser pen in Schmeichel’s face as the penalty was about to be taken? What an absolute idiot you must be to do that.

    All that being said, England was the better team on this occasion, I think we did well to reach the semis, so all good and best of luck in the final.
    I think you have a great chance of winning it.


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