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      A bit of a disclaimer genuinely first of all to the United fans and good friends: this is purely from a ‘looking after your own angle’.

      As supportive and neutral as I can be, I would stress openly, I’m happy. Things could be a lot worse and in another planet, our arch rivals could have added to their name 22 League Championships.

      For the 27 years in Liverpool unfortunately not winning it, it’s not to bad to see we’re only 2 behind to equal the record. In that respect, we’re not starting from scratch.

      Not to say this in a disrespectful way as a ‘stop gap’, but it’s fundamentally vital for us if WE CAN’T WIN IT, there’s alternative teams in place that can ala Man City and Chelsea.

      Equally, the gulf of where we are reflects the reality of Top Flight Football. The Landscape has changed and we are where we are, but a nice little bit of perspective, Liverpool through their ups and downs in 2017 at least are in that mix.

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