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    Chucky McChuckface

      So, a new “system” is being floated around, something about 60-80 teams, multiple leagues, proper promotion and relegation, with the any “new” teams being introduced on a purely (yet to be determined) merit basis….

      What do we all think?

      Personally, I quite like the idea… what put me off the previous “version” was the closed shop element to it all and certain supposed “safety” guards for the so-called historical teams.. if this has a proper promotion/demotion system based purely on merit and an open door policy so all clubs in all leagues have a chance of getting in it, then I’m in.

      I also think it would make English football a bit more interesting, as a few of the so-called “bigger teams” will be forced to rotate their squads more, given a lot of other clubs a chance to pull of a lot of upsets…

      A bunch of mini-leagues, proper promotion/relegations, a chance for all and perhaps a mini-knock out for the Top 4 in one location (or Top 8 even), sounds good to me the more I think about it.

      At least, after a few years of ups and downs, we’ll have a decent answer to the classic “Who’s the Best League” Debate! The proof will be in the pudding!!


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