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      Not so much something that’s just dawned on me, but have been thinking for quite a while recently in relation to the number of matters raised in our game that have been samey for a number of years – Diving for instance.

      The biggest one has to be based on Video Technology, Offsides, bad Refereeing decisions, Sendings Off and everything.

      I honestly think and wonder in just in general thought, how quick Technology for instance evolves in our Society, yet I still lookback and remember
      Your Own Sky Sports Phone In on a Monday Night, 2001 (E.G) talking about all the things we talk about, and I question why are we still here?

      Years and beyond a decade of exercise of discussion and debate, yet 2019 and I don’t feel Football in certain aspects has been allowed to EVOLVE as it should.

      I’m not at all sorry to say, those in the meantime have been in the Luxury of a Sofa to reel in FREE MONEY. They’ve done nothing above and beyond, otherwise for example, GOALLINE Tech, would have been brought in ages ago.

      Maybe their hands are tied, I don’t know. What I do know in the meantime is that we’re just Slow.

      All talk and very little Action!


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