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    Even with the 115, even with the Jammy “What Billion” Dodgers, even with the Bone Saw Boyz, even with the egotistical Micky “We’re Extra Double Special” Mousers, it has to warm to club official cockles of your noodle sponsered heart to know YooUtd are still top of the the “Teams We Love To Watch Lose” table… 🙂

    Again, that’s just so weird 😅. You care more about us than your local rivals?! We’ve had zero rivalry with Spurs over the years. Literally none, yet you so called North London local rivals would rather see Utd lose than your local rivals?! London rivalries are really shit, let’s face it 😂. So many players move between the sides without any fuss, you don’t care about seeing each other win or lose, managers jump between the sides with no issues.


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