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    Sean was at the game with his lad? That’s awesome to hear mate!! I was coming on here to day how I had a beaming smile on my face when I saw Nunez’s goal. There was a lot of pent of frustration in that emotive celebration.

    The fans went wild because they know he tries so hard and credit to them all for giving him this moment. He knows that we’re behind him when he’s on that pitch.

    I say this even though he has been a source of frustration but I get it. I’m just delighted to see the home fans sticking by the man who puts in 100% with every moment he’s out there. I’d be vocal as hell were I at the game and I bet Sean and his son were.

    Delighted that ye got to see a nice win Sean. You get to see Klopp managing us for one last time.

    I never got to see his team, live and I never will. It’s a shame but that’s the way of it.
    Would be great if we got to celebrate a PL title in front of the fans, as Covid kinda spoiled it a bit for us (not much TBH.. I was over the fricken moon).

    anyway, Man City knocked the ball into our court and we knocked it back. That’s got to be the way for us now. I’m not sure we’ll keep pace with them over the remainder of the season but I have never wanted us to win the PL as much as I do now, perhaps the time that we ran Utd to the end in Rafa’s reign… it’s close.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


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