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Mikus LFC

    I never considered us to be contenders this season nor did I see Arsenal being contenders either. As Sean says, we are top because of Klopp’s ability to squeeze everything he can out of a group of players. With players coming back it’s possible in theory we can maintain that siege type mentality Klopp installs but there would pretty much have to be no more mistakes. As for Arsenal, yes they played well, but they lack world class players up top to sustain any title challenge for me. I’m actually with Carragher on their celebrations, I think they were a bit embarrassing acting as though they’d won the league yesterday. I can’t see them winning anything this season.

    As for City, for all of the money they’ve spent on players over the years, they’re still dependent (as all top clubs are) on a very few players to get them over the line. I think Aguero was the difference some years ago. And I think De Bruyne is the difference now.


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