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    Played the occasion today not the game. Evidently against top teams away from home we’re lacking. Be it Leadership, organization, being vocal, and especially the deep midfielder we were crying out for was in reluctance (not the first time) on MacAllister.

    He doesn’t want to play there. Maybe something will be in fruition from the Documentary that has now been bought by Disney when Klopp finally leaves as as a Manager. We lost 2nd Balls and we didn’t counter act Jorginho. I know what he was like at Chelsea. He’s designed to stifle, nothing else. Why don’t the players at the top drop deep and bring themselves into play to make things happen instead of reliance?

    I think in all honestly, Jurgen had balls-up our selection/subs/tactics.

    Szobo not being able to play threw a bit of a Spanner. Gravenberch on this occasion didn’t really offer right-side nor defensive duties.

    Away from home needs more Respect. Of course try and go for it, but the first Rule of Thumb is to set out your stall. I don’t like ‘killing time’. It made me nervous Van Dijk and Konate exchanging then Alisson, then rinse and repeat. What was all that about?

    I think between the lines, more can be and needs to be done for a so-called Liverpool 2.0 but probably Klopp feels he doesn’t have it in him to channel that level of commitment required, especially against strict spending from the owners and FFP.

    Maybe therefore, an Alonso may be welcomed to either deconstruct or take over to add pieces of the jigsaw necessary. Mo Salah and Van Dijk would be coming to the end of their tenure.


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