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    Just before I go into the Rashford-Walker, I remember Stan Collymore when he violated Ulrika Johnson back in 1998 making a comparison to Gazza and when he was involved in domestic violence back in the 90s with his then wife Cheryl. The Papers got wind of this and of course made the front pages. Both players got on with their careers as normal.

    Now, there will be footballers who want to live this lifestyle in wanting the high-life; girls, fast cars, nice clothes, the bling.

    The one thing that stands in favour of certain footballers whether they are the bad guy off the pitch is that they deliver 100 when they are on the pitch. They will rock up, face the music, take their medicine and some of which will even prove wrong their detractors.

    Lots of players in the 80s and the 90s went out on the lash. I think beer, pie and chips was even on the pre match menu meal back then, before the Revolutionary of a certain Mr Arsene Wenger (that’s another discussion to be had).

    In this day and age, it’s difficult to conceal something like this, especially when you’re living a society of surveillance. You go out on a bender, you have to be prepared to ‘take the hit’ by turning up for training. It’s called commitment.

    That’s where for me, Rashford goes down lots of notches in my estimation. He did really well raising awareness to get going the Free School Meal Scheme. He’s a Representative too of his National Team. He seems a more better guy in morals than Kyle Walker, so why or why this? I could see quite a few disappointment Manchester United players past and present.

    I rate Walker as a player, but as a person, a no no from what has come out. What is the point of dishing out a fine? That’s loose change. The punishment needs to toughen. Especially for United in what they have gone through this season. I remember Sako turning up late for training and something else I think regarding his attitude and he was gone; Klopp weren’t going to stand for it.

    What message do you Ultimately send out?


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