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    Once taken the emotion and red specs out, you have to give Fulham credit. They weren’t just gonna roll over for us. I think their supporters played a massive part in not giving Liverpool any hospitality what so ever.

    We’re through to the final overall so in actual fact we should be feeling a bit more spirited and of wellbeing.

    Changes from Sunday really was having no Konate, Alisson, Jones and Jota starting. Not always easy to try and keep the momentum going, but we gotta be ready. The squad is forced to be utilized the way it is because of trying to manage multi-competitions and injuries.

    Jota is fantastic, I am a massive fan of his.

    No, I don’t like Sky coverage as such; it’s swaying a little into an entertainment show, and that’s not what it’s about. I didn’t fancy a 2022 meet up with Chelsea again, but it is what it is, though many would give their arm and leg to be in the position we are. For a Liverpool 2.0, it’s been a fantastic journey.

    Be Thankful and Grateful.


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