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    I will say something on Kelleher. I say this as a fellow Corkman, so I want him to be a success more than most, but I don’t think he’s progressing at all.
    I wonder if the lack of first-team football is stunting his development.
    We haven’t seen as much of him as in previous seasons (I think), or at least it seems that way but when we do see him, I just don’t think he’s quite as good as the keeper who helped us win the cups.

    I think we’ll sell him at the end of the season but if we don’t then we really have to loan him out to a team that will start him in every league match.

    Sean, ya I don’t get the VVD stuff either but it is interesting to hear what I would consider to be kinda “shocking” opinions. I guess maybe we’ve to keep an eye out but in this case, I really don’t think I’m going to suddenly be feeling this nervousness that others are getting from him.

    I do subscribe to the idea that our attack isn’t quite right though.
    Can I make note of Carraghers insane comment that Jota is the most natural goal scorer that we’ve had in the PL era? I only saw the heading and subheading. I refused to read further out of disgust for such an opinion. I mean, he really is an embarrassment, as a pundit. I haven’t heard Sturridge but I wouldn’t at all be bothered by someone saying the word “gassed”, as it is terminology that is used in fitness. AFAIK it’s most prevalent in boxing/MMA, and maybe Daniel is big into that scene.

    Jota is a natural goal-scorer and he’s exactly what we need, sometimes. I don’t think his game is well-rounded enough, or that he’s consistent enough to ever be mentioned in the same breath as some of the legends that we’ve had in the PL era. I mean, to say that Jota is a more natural goal scorer than Fowler is nothing short of criminally stupid. He even played with him FFS.

    In the summer, I think we’ve got to go and get a world class striker. The lads have until then to show that they are up to it of course. what we need is someone who can reasonably consistently put them away. We create so many chances. We should be doing better with them.

    Back to tonight though. We’re through to the final. It wasn’t the greatest match ever but we’re one step closer to another cup. No injuries… all good.

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