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    Lucky, unfortunately mate, the industry is littered with social climbers who have most probably blagged their way in. Let’s face, there are loads more platforms than 20 years ago to get yourself on the radar, and be noticed. Woke culture.

    So what essentially happens is somebody will say something in the moment and these people will latch on and buy into it. I’ve stood by my own assertion from the start about United winning a trophy and a CL qualification which they’ve achieved one and still in good stead for another.

    I’m made up, but at the same time, I’m at peace; feels just a tad anxious because I know what this industry is like. We have Bournemouth away next Saturday lunch time and we have to be ready. They are fighting for their lives, so there’s no real need for us to gloat about today and get carried away. I don’t believe we’re back on those levels because of the loss of Mane and certain players’ form in decline.

    That’s perfectly understandable and we need to accept our situation and deal with it. Just hope for a respectable effort and result against Real and try and gather some momentum over the up and coming weeks.

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