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    “Who’s the Referee I wonder? Hope no Paul Tierney. Anthony Taylor, not sure; as soon as he goes to view the monitor, he’ll reverse his decision lol”

    It’s Andy Madley apparently who is from Huddesfield. Tierney or Taylor would have been a nightmare.

    Sean the team did well with Jota for a short time but not as well as most expected/wanted, hence the negative comments towards him. Personally I wouldn’t use that as a barometer of a successful tactic.

    If you play 433 with a high intensity press playing an advanced forward means you lose him to press the DM. This then means one of the middle 3 has to do IT, leaving you man light in middle. With a deeper no 9 you effectively have 4 players pressing in the middle.

    Advance forward works well as the focal point of attack in a 4231 which it seems the guys over at TT are all demanding but that would leave massive questions over the likes of TAA and Salah (who has always switched to the no 9 when we played 4231 as there’s no space for his type of AMR) and questions about the press. This is why I questioned signing Nunez as i dont want to switch to a 4231, but with Gakpo playing the deeper no 9 the 433 looks good giving nunez space to run in to.

    My biggest gripe this season is we’ve not looked like a high intensity pressing 433 or a possesion based 4231 but with a little bit of both mixed together to create a complete mess of a tactic.


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