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Home Community General Football Week 16 ish, give or take whatever Nil reckons… Reply To: Week 16 ish, give or take whatever Nil reckons…

nine nine nine

    “Maybe some hope for the rest of us if Wolves can pull something off tonight.”

    Credit to Arsenal Wolves didn’t but I’m guessing that was tongue in cheek Nil.😊

    Liverpool are now 15 points behind Arsenal although like Sean I still don’t think when push comes to shove Arsenal will win the PL although they’ve done very well up to now and 10 points behind City.

    I know that Liverpool pulled a lot of points back last season but there are no games in hand this time and Liverpool aren’t at the level they were last season although that could change and they are chasing 2 teams this season.

    Realistically it looks like it’s just between Arsenal and City but I think after the World Cup could be interesting for everyone.


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