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Mikus LFC

Just looking at it now Adlab. I think it looks fine in real time but then I think it’s case of it looking worse in slow motion with little context applied or rather the lack of understanding of the reality of having momentum and then suddenly having to jump out of the way. It’s as though the refs just see the collision with the trailing foot and immediately think foul. They should really show the replay to the ref in both slow mo and real-time.

VAR is using a microscope on football which takes out the context and reality. But then – VAR examined the hair pull on Cucurella in the game between Chelsea & Spurs and didn’t give a foul. Just looking at that again one wonders if part of the reason the foul was given on Mendy today but not on Cucurella was because Mendy stayed down today but Cucurella didn’t. I think it adds pressure on the ref to act if they’re worried a player may be injured or been harmed.


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