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Brian blue

Threes, Respect your view a lot, I may disagree with some parts but it all amounts to personal opinions about many issues that affect the game.Yes, I have a fondness for the “old game” but not everything was Rosey, I would not like to go back to some parts of it and football in that sense has improved its lot. The human rights issues of owners I have addressed before, we, as a country are no shining beacon and still held to account for events that happened many moons ago. I also believe given similar owners most fans would conveniently forget these things but some also would have a genuine principled stand and who could argue with them but I also believe they would be a minority.The extension to this principled argument is also, does it apply when you fill your car with petrol, does it apply to the aircraft industry, does it apply to Polyester production etc etc. Football is an easy target.Nobody wants to see the bad effects of human rights treatments but as history tells us it will on change with time, although I am also believe it will be continuance of human nature to go to war with each other and treat humans badly, that is happening right now
I think the subject we are discussing is extensive and football ownership just clouds the issue of where in the world is sanity Now, with a smile on my face….City have been doing well, they have uplifted the standard of football and that cannot be a bad thing….can it? City will not dominate the league over the period like in Germany/France. City are beatable and I honestly do not think we will win the league this year…I have my reasons for this.I do hope we win the FA Cup, the CL league. I do not care about but understand the Club and players will want it, but for me, it is not the pinnacle, the EPL is….again my opinion which I know most will disagree with but we are all entitled to that, so there you have it from a No.1 fan. City third!!!!! I will not run naked around the Etihad though as Nine would if they win it again!!!!!!! Enjoy the game not the politics. It was said by somebody..If things get better with age then I am approaching Magnificent!!!


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