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Brian blue

OK. Nine…I still make my point….if you are going to make comparisons then logically you have to go back to the year DOT. There is a limit to City spend, I would also disagree with my City friend, pointless bringing up comparisons like this. As I have said before, Utd will always find a way to fund whatever they want. good luck to them. but to keep harping on about City wealth serves no purpose either.In various era’s of football since I have been following the game there has always been clubs that have considerable wealth more than others but the game evolves and these thing do not last forever, next we will have clubs with owners paying 100 million for 16/7 yr olds
I have said before City have been extremely lucky in getting these owners who are doing more than just build a football club for the City of Manchester, other clubs will follow. Then I wonder why all the wealthy clubs of years ago did not plan better, mostly because they were seduced into buying players at high costs to charm there ego….I remember city signing a Wolves player for a Million, Rodney Marsh who costs us the league. etc. It is noticeable as well that the majority of EPL clubs are owned byInvestments from outside the country, where have all our wealthy people gone? Probably had a reality check in investing in football!! All points of view Nine, not saying I am right, just what I think


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