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    Lads of course you have to spend well & since Koop came in LFC have done very well in that area. I’ve also said many times Pep has done well, I mean despite massive money spent manu are still average. The whole point is when money is no object you can buy the very best & it makes a managers job a hell of a lot easier, it’s not a level playing field. As for the human element & 11 v 11, again it’s the quality of the players.
    If they ran a tennis tournament with teams & had Joker, Rafa & Fed in a team, the great majority of the time that trio would beat any other combination. Yeah they might not win every time but if it was over a season they’d comfortably win. This is the luxury city have, I certainly don’t believe they are all that, they’ve just spent more money to get the best players.

Viewing 331 post (of 331 total)

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