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    sean the sailor
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    Read some of Michael Owens quotes over the years lol. They are hilarious

    Never took to Owen like I did Fowler. Loved Fowler but there was always something about Owen that I never took to

    Was gutted when Fowler left. Didn’t care less about Owen. He was overplayed when he was younger and minute his pace was gone he was finished. He had about 6/7 good years then decayed

    This book is making him look dry bitter

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    Brian blue
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    Thanks Sean…I did not take into account the quality of teams they were in, This is important

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    Sean, Gerrard is the one player I wish chelsea could have signed over anyone else.

    I know every England manager was as useless as the next in getting the best out of lamps and Stevie in same team but I think with jose as coach and makelele anchoring the midfield it would have been the single greatest midfield in premier league history. (with prime Essien as back up!)

    Glad he stayed with you guys in the end though because his liverpool career was special and while he certainly would have won more at chelsea it would not have been anywhere near as beautiful a story or career.

    Legend of a player, which is why every fan at the bridge applauded him off in his last game against us.

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    Hightown hopeHightown hope
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    Brian…good though Emlyn Hughes was, he wasn’t in the same league as Gerrard. I saw most of Emlyn’s career at Liverpool, and while he was enthusiastic, tough, versatile and the scorer of some spectacular goals, he rarely changed the course of games on his own like Gerrard did. Highest would be in my top 30 Liverpool players I have seen live, but Stevie would be in my top 3 or 4!

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    Be interesting to see what Souness has to say about owen’s comments.

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