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    So, Pep Guardiola receives a two-match ban for arguing with the ref and Liverpool FC receive a derisory, paltry and meaningless fine for their fans’ attack on the City team’s bus. While UEFA’s wholly inadequate response will be unsurprising to many, they have certainly set down a clear marker for others to follow – if you want to influence a game then don’t have your manager contest controversial refereeing decisions – have your fans attack and smash up the opposition team’s coach instead

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    Big Jim
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    Not seen the details but think its one game ban one suspended. To be honest I didnt expect much else. UEFA sanctions have always been adhoc and random. Remember when City got a bigger fine for turning out a few seconds late after HT vs Sporting Lisbon than Porto got for blatant widespread crowd racism.

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    Hi Jim, great to see you back.
    Bluejon, great point made (your last sentence). But as Jim mentioned, it’s what we’ve come to expect from the muppets at UEFA. They really need to grow a pair when making some decisions.
    I actually got ‘rinsed’ (only by a couple of the ‘Pool guys) for actually suggesting (somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’) that the first leg should have been replayed for the obvious effect it had on the City players performance.

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    Brian blue
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    UEFA are and always will be illogical. They are well paid self management cronies in charge of our game, The FA are no better and Fifa are worse, as a football fan the lot are so depressing bunch of scroungers

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    sean the sailor
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    Hi Jim great to see you back mate

    Reakky don’t understand Uefa

    Fines are a joke. We got away very lightly with this

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    Big Jim
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    Thanks chaps for the welcome. I was out of order. It wont happen again.

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    Just back from hols.
    Good to see you back Jim.

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