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    Mick Far
    Mick Far
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    Fair points Alfie…respect
    Just wanted to raise the subjects of Mourinhos modus operandi, Utds positioning of a club with a rapidly escalating wage bill based on short term fixes and the smoke of the two trophies won and 18 points off the leaders meaning all was heading in the right direction.
    I still feel vindicated of the view in April that all was not well at Man Utd or Mourinho.
    Here in September I think things will get worse before they get better.
    The dilemma of possible future talent wanting to leave or not play to there best and no visible sign of the spine of 6 players who will stay that they build around to compete with the best in Manchester/North West never mind Europe. That’s before a new manager comes in an starts the process again. Whilst other teams are solidifying with 1 or 2 additions each season.
    It’s going to be a long EXPENSIVE climb back to the top of seriously competing for PL or CL.
    Considering the debt leveraged against Man Utd. This isn’t necessarily going to happen quickly!
    I’m sorry if this ruffles Pro Mourinho or Pro Man U feathers, but the evidence of the route they have taken over the last 3+ years is there to see, for anyone who chooses to see it..
    Peace “respect!”

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    Big Jim
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    In fairness Mick, I for one have been a tad surprised by the backing that the United board have given Mouriniho. They haven’t exactly done a levy have they. Is there a reason why that wouldn’t continue.

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    Mick Far
    Mick Far
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    Mourinho is in his calculated “distuctive” period. Often 3 years… He’s bright enough like a serial devorcise to play off his best assets= big tits and blonde hair or apparently unique achievements at Porto and Milan.
    On a similar vein he works out the cash flow of his “sugar daddy.”
    If he foresees anything but a clear run at the top 2 squads, he creates an intolerable situation that necessitates his future wage/divorce + half house and pension immediately, which apparently was Chelsea twice, Madrid and now !an Utds fault….”Next!” Lucrative business playing this game for an elite few! For a while…
    Of course Man U board will find £300mill for the next Man U manager…If in doubt keep digging or else your share price, bubbble bursts…Like me owning a £60k car on PCP or buying a 3 year old car outright…
    Your all bright boys..you can see what’s really going on here…

    Clearly Pogba wants out too..

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    Brian blue
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    Ed…reading Foden’s interview he states he knows Pep will introduce him at the right time for his development. He obviously puts his trust in him and eventually he will become a very good player for club and country in the future. He is still on a learning curve

Viewing 4 posts - 196 through 199 (of 199 total)

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