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    Is it just me or does pre-season training and the ‘return to the club’ seem to happen earlier and earlier each season?

    Just seeing pre-season training footage from Liverpool and thinking it’s barely a month since the champions league final and some of our players had not even finished playing in the Copa America yet? No doubt they will have a couple of weeks before they return

    Seems ridiculous, and could have waited a week or two more.

    I’m sure another week on the beach with a gym session and a 5k run each day would have done them more good in the long run

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    sean the sailor
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    It’s akways around this time Beni me aul chum

    The silly thing was the cl final was 3 weeks after the pl ended.

    Season finished 12th May so most get about 6 weeks off but it only seems like last week when the guys finished up

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    Beni, it has felt different to me man but maybe not in any specific way. For example, I find it just plain weird that we have the Copa America and the Afcon going at the same time. On top of that, to have players back from their holidays whilst others are yet to play in an international final… Now this is just weird and I actually think a little wrong, if I’m honest.

    Firmino had the latest ever CL final (I think) to play in and then off to play in Brazil. Himself and Alisson play in the final tonight (good luck to them!) and then they what, get 2-3 weeks to rest before having to come in late to pre-season, being tired for the first few weeks of PL match, as they play catch up?

    We have seen it before with players but we’re going to see it with both the South Americans and African players at the same time, after what I’ve said above about the late CL final… This is gonna reek havoc on our early season.

    Egypt are out, which is good for us but Salah goes on Holiday feeling a heavy loss and not a CL win. Mane will do the same, or he’ll be extra tired. Firmino the same. Alisson will suffer the physical fatigue better but the other aspect is still in play.

    Players need not only rest and recovery, they need a time to reset, or they will ****ing burn out. The more that I experience these bloody tournaments, the more I wish they just did away with International football. That won’t ever happen , I know but there must be a better way of doing it than this.

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    TV Scheduling very much back in full swing, Gents


    I don’t know if it seems as though we’re playing a tad more of football than we should, but I’m assuming every Red Employee is going to be doing his shift to try and impress The Big Man. Speaking of which, that kid signed is taller than Klopp (Dutch)!


    Very happy to see for our TV Itinerary to be played on Saturdays, 12:30 and 5:30.

    I think, they are BT Sport games – love it 🙂

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    nine nine nine
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    Some lovely goals today from City v West Ham with City looking very impressive. Bad result for Newcastle.

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    5 pre-season friendlies for us to get through before facing Man City on August the 4th.

    Not too far away with time closing in. I’m actually glad this time round, there’s no kind of tournament like the International Champions Cup.

    Got an important and Busy August ahead of us an it’s vital we get off on the right footing.

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