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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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    I think the few posts above highlight one of the reasons why I love Poncho…

    Even if the Spuds arguably had the best defense in the League last year, he still went out and bought three more defensive players (okay, one was to replace Walker but even so…), where as Klopp I think bought one LB from Hull (mind you, the lad does look good!).

    Long live the Poncho!!

    On a side note and possibly tempting fate, who would the Pool lads like to see if Klopp does go back to Germany as rumored? Would you be happy with Carlo?

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    Mike Milne

    call me bias but I think Pochettino is doing a fantastic job, guys like Klopp. Mourinho, Wenger are overrated, they always go to or are at big clubs where you have massive backing of every kind, only problem I have with Potch is his name, dont really like it.

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    Hightown hopeHightown hope
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    Chucky, let me say, it would take a truly dreadful run for me to want Klopp out. At the moment I can’t envisage any scenario where I would want it. I just think it would set the club back. We’re 7 games in to the season, and look at the table…we are 2 points, yes, 2 points behind 3rd place, and yet it’s a crisis!! There are problems in various positions, granted, but we were never going to win the league this season, and we are still very much in the mix for a Champions League position, we are still in a decent position in our Champions League group, despite 2 disappointing draws, so this season ain’t over yet.

    It may be by Christmas, but at the moment the knobhead Liverpool fans on the radio phone-ins and the forums who want Klopp out are just that…knobheads who, by and large, couldn’t find their way to Anfield.

    So to answer your question, I don’t want anyone to replace Klopp…except Poch!!!

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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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    Double H… the only way Poncho is going to manage your team is if you see the light… 🙂

    As you say, statistically Pool are about as far away from a crisis as they are from Tokoyo, but having seen Pool play a few times over the Klopp era, there seem’s to be zero improvements on the defensive side from the Brent era…I think that is what is grinding the gears from those who are complaining. As a club in general, has Klopp really moved the club forward or are they treading water? The same defensive issues that ultimately cost Brent are beginning to look like the same downfall for Klopp in my humble opinion.

    Anyway, it could be a lot worse….

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    I’m with Oz Yob.

    You have to be able to put together as a Manager a spine. Heard this ‘term’ whether it’s just poking fun or to pose this with some sort of a meaning; “Brendan Klopp”.

    Perhaps that’s just a coincidence with the 2 Managers having similar traits placing emphasis on attacking players. I was genuinely over the moon when we signed the Ox and there’s no way I’d take him back for a refund, but we need a quality striker.

    We should really have in place a finished article and then we can integrate a Ben Woodburn or a Danny Ings.

    Defenders: well they speak for themselves and although Dejan Lovren and Joel Matip can play, they have to deal with further responsibility in full-back duties – they ae stretched a lot of the time and struggle with ariel threat.

    We have when it comes to past history of Liverpool teams set a precedent of building from the back.

    Sound call Oz.

    I might well be in the minority, but I genuinely don’t feel to that point of wanting Jurgen out; not sure really what I can add on that particular part as I have a real liking for him.

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    Chucky, that setting could be better with Nandos or Pizza Hut 🙂

    Peroni Nastro Azuro too lol 😀 🙂

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    Oz Yob
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    Poch has constructed a very well balanced team IMO & he hasn’t spent a fortune in the process. Maybe depth could hinder them as the season rolls on but at least they look a balanced outfit.
    HH I keep saying it mate I think Klopps style has been sussed out. I don’t think his gengenpressing will work in the EPL. I agree Robbo looks decent but why the hell is Moreno starting in front of him. Maybe I’m being a little harsh on Migs, I agree he hasn’t really done much wrong to be fair. Karius on the other hand is an accident waiting to happen. I just can’t agree we don’t need a 20+ striker. Our mids might get 10-15 each but the amount of good chances they miss is killing our top 4 hopes as the D is disgraceful & leaks like a runny nose in winter.
    If Klopp was as good as some are making out he would change things & find a way to win games. He might not have the cattle to do what he wants yet but doing the same stuff every game is crazy if it’s not working. Play 2 up top or use an out & out DM to protect the disaster at the back, just do something different & try to get results. Teams know exactly what we are going to do so it’s easy to prepare for us. We might only be just outside top 4 after 7 games but I fully expect us to be out of the running for top 4 by Christmas (oops sorry the festive season, don’t want to offend anyone). I can’t see us geting anything other than a draw at spurs out of our next 2 games, then we will be well off the pace only 9 games in.
    IMO we are as far away from challenging for anything as we are from relegation.

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    Brian blue
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    The ONLY thing that matters are RESULTS. You can talk all day about squads etc..its goals that count and Results that matter….end of story. The media exploits fans who then go OTT. My take
    City…have a good capable squad
    Utd …will always be in the mix
    Liverpool they are better than most think
    Chelsea always a threat
    Tottenham…exciting young side with good manager

    I would like to see other teams challenge that lot, like Leicester did

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