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    Paul CPaul C

    I think Man Utd will definitely have a better season once the new players have been brought in. Arsenal will be out of the top 5 if Wenger stays. Liverpool may surprise a few people. Man City are going nowhere and I can’t see Pep staying unless they spend big.
    Spurs will be a ‘also ran’ and Chelsea will again be up there, but my top 3 next season are…
    1. Man Utd
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    What does everyone else think on the top 3 and the prem ?

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    I agree with you about Utd. I think they’ll buy well this summer and potentially be a real force next season. Chelsea have shown glimpses this season of getting overrun by some of their rivals, only to nick the game anyway by taking their chances. Spurs, City, Liverpool and now Utd have all at different times outplayed them this season with varying results. Like you, I’m not convinced they’ll be as dominant next season.

    Spurs are a tough one. They just seem to get better but they also seem to be the masters of just falling short when crunch time comes.

    Arsenal, agree with everything you say. City I think will only get better though. Liverpool I don’t think will be great next season. So I’d say;

    1. Man Utd
    2. Man City
    3. Chelsea

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    Really tough to call as a lot will depend on who buys what during the summer. I have a feeling Arsenal will drop even more points tonight and that will leave them almost guaranteed to miss out on the top 4, which should really see Wenger leave.

    With that in mind, I’ll say

    1. City
    2. Man U
    3. Chelsea

    Will be interesting to look back on this thread in a year!

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    I fancy Utd to have a strong season next season too. I think City will be stronger and they will buy some good players this summer.

    I’ll go with-

    1. Utd
    2. Spurs
    3. City

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    Ed, dont think Roman will allow Chelsea to be out the top 3, and if he fires Conte theres no-one left-they been virtually through all the best possible managers you can get or are available. I think it will be Chelsea and the 2 Manchester clubs, have no idea in what order but I suspect City will be favourites for the league next season.

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    Fair point Rover. It’s so hard to call as to who’ll do what next season. Many tipped a title fight between the Manchester clubs this season and it’s been all about Chelsea and Spurs instead. A lot depends on who buys well in the summer

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