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    I’m glad it’s happening. It’s down to Jurgen’s number 2 to step up. It can happen.

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    Steveo, City may have gotten a run of easy draws etc but do they need to be kept away from anyone? I think City might be a little afraid of playing against Liverpool but even then, they could have us too on their day… and by many goals too perhaps. They definitely don’t need to play Oxford instead of Burnley or the likes. They’d smash their way to the LC if they prioritize it.

    If they were going to try to fix any tournaments, it’d be the CL or PL. I am BTW not saying they have tried, just that we know what they REALLY want to win and although I don’t think they are super interested in the domestic cups, they have the squad to win them without breaking a sweat. That’s the “truth” of the matter for me.

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    So it’s been confirmed that the LC game won’t be moved. I must say, that is a bit odd. Do they want to dilute the worth of the LC? Liverpool will play the kids.

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    Seemingly Liverpool’s choice Mak other dates were offered but they turned them down supposedly they didn’t want to add another game to their schedule given the PL is their priority.

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    It’s a difficult one guys. Wc has to take priority but it’s a pity as I’d love to win league cup. Try win every trophy you can

Viewing 5 posts - 161 through 165 (of 165 total)
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