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    One of the nicest touches I have seen in a long time was a linesman clapping on his thigh for David Silva as he went off yesterday. To me that is real appreciation of a truly great and hard to replace player. No bias or stupidity just respect for a player who has performed for 10 years.

    KDB showing again how good he is with two excellent goals. But we were badly exposed on a couple of long balls down the middle…again. Just like v Arsenal.

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    sean the sailor
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    Don’t think it’s bias at all adlab but it’s absolutely crazy that silva and augero have not picked up any individual awards along the way

    Two world class talents who have been a joy to watch.

    Think how far city have come in 12 years. City are doing things their fans would never have envisaged

    Great times for a loyal fan base who packed out Maine road when in the 3rd tier. I’ve no issue with cities success

    Best of luck in the cl Brian, adlab and the other city lads

    It’s the one pep and all city fans really want now

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    18-19 PFA team of The Year


    Is that not Aguero in the Team of the Year, instead BTW of the at the time back to back Golden Boot winner, Salah. Point on the doll to where the bias hurt you.

    6 City players on that team. How Ederson beat Alisson to that, I’ll never know.

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    Brian blue
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    Nine…I prefer jet black!!! but do not tell wife, she is a silver surfer now!!!!! I am silver but no surfer

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    Hightown hopeHightown hope
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    Just to prove how awards are, as 999 says, ‘beauty contests’, how on earth did KDB not get MoM at City yesterday. OOh, yes I know, because they were recognising the contribution and ‘good guy-ness’ of the fantastic David Silva, and not one person would disagree with that. But in that match yesterday KDB was peerless!

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    Anyone seen Adlab? Last seen making baseless comment. If you know where he is, please contact me immediately. Come home Adlab, nobody is angry. We Just want to know that you’re safe 😛

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