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    HT 1-0.
    Still there we go. Their tactics are clear. 9 men behind the ball, foul when necessary and hope for a set piece,
    We should carry on the way we are playing. They are attacking down our left as I would.
    Still there are 45 mins to go. If we come back and win this I think we will be champions. If we lose we are still 5 clear with 2 home games to come. You could have had 14/1 on a Huddersfield win!

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    Big Jim
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    Really tough game as expected. Wagner is a class manager and organised Huddersfield as expected. Sterling again gets the points. The lad is becoming a star.

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    Brian blue
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    There is a determination in this team, we can expect more to play like Huddersfield, I do not blame the for playing a defensive game but they have to show more ambition as well if they want to progress. Two home games comeing up now,6 points needed

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    nine nine nine
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    There will always be games like this, the mark of true Champions is how you get through them. Another 3 points to keep the title blue.?

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