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    Mikus, absolutely worth examining. I’m just not sure we should be paying too much attention to what your average twitter poster says about things as complex as body language. If it was as simple as is often made out, there’s no way he’d have done a video if he was guilty, as it would have undoubtedly sealed his fate.

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    sean the sailor
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    Ed think there’s so much focus on it because he’s English and paid 190k a week and the worlds most expensive defender

    People are just sticking the boot in. He came on tv to defend himself. He didn’t do anything wrong by going on tv

    It’s not like the interview was like prince Andrews 😂

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    Help help…Im about to be kidnapped!
    I’m sorry but do you buy that!
    I reckon it was a typical Saturday night brawl with too much alcohol and little more. Here it would be a caution or fine.

    But the reporting isnt great. In Greece the concept of appeal is different from here. In the UK if you appeal you still have the findings of the lower Court until confirmed or otherwise by the higher Court.

    In Greece if you are granted an appeal you are retried by an upper Court.

    To suggest that the result of the first case does not stand is to misinterperate. The original charges stand and the appellant has a chance to provide additional evidence to alter the original decision. Whether in the UK or Greece the upper Court looks at the evidence again.

    The reporting in some papers imply being granted an appeal means not guilty. Not so. The case is merely retried.

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    Are all these places that sportmen go too nowadays dangerous or is it a case of its dangerous everywhere stay home then or go somewhere decent.

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    There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of empathy shown towards Harry. I’m with Sean that there’s just people out there ready to stick the boot in.

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    Ed, I think given the guilty verdict and his reputation being on the line, he had to come out and respond to it. Regardless of what happened, what we do know is, as Adlab has said, a large amount of alcohol was consumed which never tends to end particularly well. There is probably a degree of truth on both sides, but with all the alcohol consumed, it will make establishing exactly what happened pretty difficult.

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    Brian blue
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    Like manyother things in our modern lifestyle. lack of common sense

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