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    I know a few City fans have signed up to the site over the last couple of days so sticking this thread up as I’m interested to hear what the City fans think of Guardiola. Do the signs look promising despite no major trophies so far?

    It feels like that City side is just waiting to really click before really starting to pull away from the rest.

    City are on those sides who could one minute outplay the likes of Real Madrid and Barca and the next minute really struggle to get past one of the smaller sides. I guess that consistency comes with time though.

    All in all, despite the mixed start, City are still the side I fear the most in the title race.

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    Big Jim
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    I was sceptical at first over Peps style of play and his rigidity last season. We got caught out against some sides on the break. Leicester away was embarrassing. I also felt that he was not giving some players a chance such as Inheanacho while others who offered little such as Navas were played too often. We had no plan B. This summer Inheancho has gone and we tried to buy another player in Sanchez who is similar to Aguero and Jesus but more importantly we have bought fast and powerful wingbacks and another skilful playmaker in Bernardo Silva. Pep is reinforcing his style of play not diluting it. When we click we are playing some sublime football as we have that past few days and with two upfront the opposition are clearly finding it very hard to defend, but we will be more vulnerable with 3 at the back. To play this high tempo style you also need a big squad and need to rotate players as we saw midweek with Pep taking off Jesus. It’s exciting times to be a City fan at the moment. I have no grumbles at this early stage in the season. I would have like to have some centre half back up but at present that doesn’t seem to be an issue but sterner tests lie ahead. But I’m sold in Pep we trust. Jim

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    Yeah things are certainly looking good for City, Jim. Today did nothing to allay my fears about City running away with the league this year, although it’s still too early to declare a winner just yet.

    It will be interesting to see how long Pep plans on staying. I can’t see him going after three years as it feels like he’s only just getting started. He left Barca after winning absolutely everything multiple times and Bayern felt less of a project than City. Bayern were already a European heavyweight who needed a tweak here and there.

    City seems to be more of a long term project. The goal with Bayern was to keep on winning the league and to dominate Europe again. At City, it’s a much longer term goal. It’s about making the step up from big European club to elite club where European success is almost expected.

    As much as I hope he’ll be gone in 3 years, I just can’t see it!

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    Brian blue
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    When Pep arrived, I did not expect miricales to happen and went on record early in the season and state even if City did not win anything I would have still given the guy 3 seasons, Why, well we know he is a good coach, we know he will have to change the culture at the club, we know he will have to dismantle the existing squad, we know he will make mistakes, he already stated when he took over “I have come to learn” We are fortunate to have owners who are prepared to plan ahead, keeping in mind Pep was in there sights long before Pelligrino or Mancini, both the latter managers contributing well dureing there stay.This season we are moveing in a way he wants to ingrain in City’s style of play, yes we will loose some games but even last season, apart from a couple of games all our games were entertaining depite not haveing the right players in place. The future looks good, I feel at least a couple of Academy players will make there mark as squad players. I am happy at the way the club is run and managed.
    I have not understood some of the team selections but now I am beginning to see the adoption of real squad rotation, with the amount of games now I can also sense the City players buying into the Rotation game and accepting it, because if they do not, they will be shipped out but at the moment all things appear well. We, City fans, have to keep pragmatic about the situation because football is an ever changeing game now and we will have set backs, how good you are will depend on how you handle that…..that goes for the fans as well.

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    Singapore Blue
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    While I’d echo what you guys have said I really think Pep will come good if he’s given the time. Let’s hope he does stay more than 3 years and start to build the foundations that will bring success for years to come. The owners seem to take the long term approach to things, really hope that continues

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    Oz Yob
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    Credit where it’s due he’s no dummy, even in the early stages of the game v LFC you could tell he learnt his lesson on how to play us. He didn’t give too much room in behind & attacked our p*** weak D where possible. Even before the sending off I though you looked good value for the win & whilst the score line mightn’t have been as lop sided I think you’d have still got the bacon.

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