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    Hightown hopeHightown hope
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    999 – I totally agree. For me, there is nothing better than watching football live. I’ve been lucky enough to watch Liverpool through the glory days of the ’70’s and ’80’s and right through to the relative lack of success (and it IS relative, Nil!) over the last 25 years or so. I honestly don’t know whether I would be so hooked on the game if I wasn’t watching live football. It’s the whole craic of it for me, from meeting my mates before the game in the same pub we’ve been drinking in for nearly 40 years, having a moan, walking up to the ground past the same landmarks we’ve walked past for 40 years, having a moan about the team selection, watching the game, having a moan about the game, the opponents, the crowd, the ref, and walking back after the game and having a moan again. And you know what, I wouldn’t swap it for the world. It’s a major part of my life, I’m not ashamed to say, and watching the games live have given me some of the best nights of my life like Istanbul, Dortmund and many Wembleys, and it has also given me some of the worst days of my life, with the main one obviously being in April 1989.

    But football is a drug, and it shouldn’t really be as important as we all make it out. Highly paid prima-donnas running around a piece of grass chasing a ball, scanning the papers or the net to see if yet another highly paid prima donna is coming over from Argentina to paly for my club. FFS, I’m 55…get a grip, lad!

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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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    Double H… what a load of old bullocks, what are you talking about? No fooking way you’re 55…. 🙂

    Have to admit it’s been a decade or two since I’ve been to the Lane, having emigrated from Pommie land in 98 and as much as I would love to see the boys play, quite frankly my pennies don’t stretch that far during the various trips back to Blighty (bloody kids, eh?). And as mentioned, now you can get the games everywhere now. Do try to get a visit to the shop once in a while, a couple of t-shirts and what-not….

    Anyway, with regards to taking it too seriously, obviously we all want our boys to win, and I think the smarter ones amongst us realize they’re not to win every game. All I ask from my boys is A) they at least look like they gave 110% and B) we didn’t lose due to a “controversial” incident. Got no problem losing to a better team on the day and like to think I’m man enough to admit that at the time. (Unless it’s YooUtd, those feckers are never better, just luckier!)

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    nine nine nine
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    Some really good stuff on this thread.

    If you’re a football fan even a fan of one of the top clubs you have to come to terms with the fact that there will be more heartache than joy and when the joy comes along you have to savour it because more than likely it will be fleeting.

    Chelsea went 50 years without a League title , Spurs have gone over 50, City over 40 even United went nearly 30 years and in over 30 years Arsenal won one title and next year they will have gone 14 years since the last one.

    Every club has a history it’s just that some club’s histories aren’t quite as glorious as others and history is history Preston North End were once League Champions but they’ve been stuck in the 2nd,3rd and 4th tiers since.

    There are 10’s of millions of football fans out there who will never ever experience the joy that fans of City,United,Chelsea,Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool will have experienced.

    We all need to savour those special fleeting moments and heed Chucky’s wise words.

    ” All I ask from my boys is A) they at least look like they gave 110% and B) we didn’t lose due to a “controversial” incident. Got no problem losing to a better team on the day and like to think I’m man enough to admit that at the time.”

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    Great Thread Lads,No Team has a divine right to win silverware it’s done by sheer hard work,A slice of Luck here and there and some all round good football played.

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