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    Football cup competitions cancelled? Leagues played out behind closed doors?

    sean the sailor

    Ye be no suprise mate ?

    We wait 30 yrs for the league and this happens!

    I’ve no doubt it will start to affect games in England

    Ireland rugby off at the weekend

    nine nine nine

    This is a major worldwide problem that transcends all sports and may well lead to the cancellation of the Olympics in Japan.

    sean the sailor

    Is there not a huge over reaction to this or is this so serius , it’s right all the precautions that are being taken


    Sean, was thinking how it could affect a lot of seasons. It would be horrible if the premier league gets cancelled given the outrageous season you lot are having. It would be horrendously unfair not to be able to finish the season for example. If so congrats on the title now because no one is close to you.

    Some big decisions to be made and can’t imagine japan would be too keen to have spent billions to see the Olympic s called off.

    Think all eyes will be in Italy and how it spreads. Germany has cases but nothing too serious yet


    Sadly Sean it is serious as it overwhelms hospitals and impacts on all other activities they can do and perform. Police manning roadblocks stops travel and enforcing quarantines stops them being outside grounds etc. More importantly for football fans, supply chains of beer might get affected to the grounds! ?

    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface

    As some of you know, I have regular dealings in the ME region, and word on the street from my contacts is Iran is not being entirely honest with the extent of their issues with it.

    As for banning events that involved very large gatherings, I think that’s not the daftest idea in the world. This thing has a quite long incubation period, people can have it for weeks without realizing.

    nine nine nine

    If the Corona virus has not been quelled by the times of the Olympics it will be postponed far better that than to put lives at risk and risking an even further spread.

    The Olympics can be rearranged in Japan for next year just as the Ryder Cup albeit a smaller event was following 9/11.

    Italy v Ireland has been cancelled in Italy and Inter are playing behind closed doors tonight this is serious stuff and transcends all Sport.

    Holidays may well be effected too.


    I can understand the fear amongst the oridnary folks and the plans & measures are necessary to prevent it from speading,but there is a angle to it that is not yet true.Media are as usually exaggerating things- so far it has not reached the levels they are scaring people with!


    It’s important to note that the common cold is a form of coronavirus. At present most cases are extremely mild, and most if not all fatalities have been linked with pre existing health conditions. If you think you might have it, DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL. Phone 111, and self isolate. There seems to be an element of chernobyl here, where the chinese seemingly buried there heads in the sand.

    nine nine nine

    That sounds very medical Harry do you work in that area?

    Re Japan/the Olympics and the Corona virus.

    “Concern is growing over the impact of the coronavirus on the Olympic Games after new cases in Japan were confirmed and the domestic top-flight football competition was called off until next month.

    A senior member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said outright cancellation of the Games, rather than postponement or relocation, would be likely if the disease proved too dangerous for the event – which is scheduled to start on 24 July – to go ahead.

    Dick Pound, a former Canadian swimming champion who has been on the IOC since 1978, estimated there is a three-month window – perhaps a two-month one – to decide the fate of the Tokyo Games, meaning a decision could be put off until late May.

    “In and around that time, I’d say folks are going to have to ask: ‘Is this under sufficient control that we can be confident about going to Tokyo or not?’” Pound told Associated Press.

    As the Games draw near, he said, “A lot of things have to start happening. You’ve got to start ramping up your security, your food, the Olympic Village, the hotels. The media folks will be in there, building their studios.”

    If the IOC decides the games cannot go forward as scheduled in Tokyo, “you’re probably looking at a cancellation”, he said.

    Three new coronavirus cases were confirmed on Tuesday among users of the same gym in Chiba. The city, just north of Tokyo, is scheduled to host Olympic taekwondo, fencing, wrestling and surfing, as well as four Paralympic events.

    Sporting events across Japan have already been called off due to the outbreak; all J-League football has been postponed until 15 March, the biggest disruption of the professional game in Japan since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

    The South African Under-23 team has also pulled out of a friendly due to be played against Japan in Kyoto on Thursday, while training for 80,000 Olympic volunteers, which was due to begin on 22 February, has been delayed for at least two months.

    In addition to professional sport, numerous local competitions, inter-school matches and martial arts tournaments are being postponed or axed. This Sunday’s Tokyo Marathon will feature only a few hundred elite athletes, with nearly 38,000 entrants told they cannot run.

    The viral outbreak that began in China two months ago has infected more than 80,000 people globally and killed over 2,700, the vast majority of them in China. But the virus has gained a foothold in South Korea, the Middle East and Europe, raising fears of a pandemic. Japan itself has reported four deaths.

    Some of Japan’s biggest corporations, including Sony, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and telecoms giant NTT, are telling staff to work from home. Many were planning to introduce telework during the Olympics to ease the pressure on public transportation, but are now doing so to avoid the risk of contamination on Tokyo’s crowded trains.

    The Tokyo Olympic organising committee puts the official budget for the Games at 1.35tn yen ($12.2bn), but the Board of Audit of Japan estimates the true cost, including spending by local authorities and the central government, is more than double that figure.

    The modern Olympics, which date to 1896, have been cancelled only during wartime. The Olympics in 1940 were supposed to be in Tokyo but were called off because of Japan’s war with China and the second world war. The Rio Games in Brazil went on as scheduled in 2016 despite the outbreak of the Zika virus.

    Pound repeated the IOC’s stance – that it is relying on consultations with the World Health Organization, a United Nations body, to make any move.

    As for the possibility of postponement, he said: “You just don’t postpone something on the size and scale of the Olympics. There’s so many moving parts, so many countries and different seasons, and competitive seasons, and television seasons. You can’t just say, ‘We’ll do it in October.’”

    Pound said moving to another city also seems unlikely “because there are few places in the world that could think of gearing up facilities in that short time to put something on”. From today’s Guardian.


    It kills around 2.1% which is pretty high. In 2018 influenza killed 61k in the US but at only 0.1%, imagine if this virus becomes as common as the flu? That would of been 1.28M in the same situation if my maths is correct.

    It’s actually reached my City the last few days with one positive case. 41 people who had contact with this person are negative but must remain in quarantine for 2 weeks. The fear here is we just had Karneval where over 1 million people party in the streets for 5 days (yes my poor poor liver!!) and with symptoms not showing there could of been many transmissions of the virus that are unknown at the moment. If this individual was spotted a week or two ago I’m sure Karneval would of been cancelled.

    The reason sporting events are being cancelled is the fear of what it could do, not what it has done. I am not one of the people it would likely kill so I have little fear myself, but I can understand why others are taking measures.


    3ps-You live anywhere near Duisburg? My sisters kids have been told to stay home from school for “unspecified” amount of time.


    Threeps – As the pandemic is still ongoing it isn’t possible to accurately calculate the mortality rate, so any figures you have seen to say it’s 2% could be off by orders of magnitude.

    9 – I worked in the NHS for 10 years, and know only too well how medical professionals lose the will to live with people that go to a&e with contagious diseases.


    From the world health organisation – “When you look at how many people have died, you need to look at how many people where infected, and right now we don’t know that number. So it is early to put a percentage on that”


    Mav, yeah not too far, I’m in Köln about 80km South. Not heard anything about staying at home but I’m more than happy to Home Office it for a month or two!

    Harry, obviously it’s too early to say for sure but those figures are what many organisations are using at this moment, to put the virus in context vs influenza I had to use what I can get. It’s highly probable that the figure will increase but still people are saying it terminally affects mainly the weak, sick or elderly. You don’t have to quote me on that or the 2%, I’m just discussing the merits of postponing sporting events.

    nine nine nine

    List of Sports Cancelled due to Coronavirus

    Formula One’s Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai April 19: Postponed

    Formula E’s E-Prix in Sanya March 21: Cancelled

    Six Nations – Ireland vs Italy (Men and women) March 7/8: Postponed

    Serve A, February 29/March 1

    Juventus vs Inter Milan: Played behind closed doors

    Udinese vs Fiorentina: Played behind closed doors

    AC Milan vs Genoa: Played behind closed doors

    Parma vs SPAL: Played behind closed doors

    Sassuolo vs Brescia: Played behind closed doors

    Inter Milan vs Sampdoria postponed as Serie A take action

    Athletics/Track and Field
    The Hong Kong Marathon on Feb. 9: Cancelled

    Asian Indoor Championship in Hangzhou Feb. 12-13: Cancelled

    Tokyo Marathon on March 1: Restricted field

    World Indoor Championships in Nanjing March 13-15: Postponed until 2021

    Pyongyang Marathon on April 12: Cancelled

    International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Olympic qualifiers in Foshan: Relocated to Belgrade

    FIBA Asia Cup qualifier in Foshan: Postponed

    All Overwatch League homestands in Guangzho, Shanghai and Hanzhou for Feb. and March: Postponed

    Honda LPGA Thailand in Pattaya Feb 20-23: Cancelled

    HSBC Women’s World Championship in Singapore Feb. 27-March 1: Cancelled

    Blue Bay LPGA on Hainan Island March 5-8: Cancelled

    Maybank Championship in Kuala Lumpur April 16-19: Postponed

    China Open in Shenzhen April 23-26: Postponed.

    Alpine World Cup in Yanqing Feb. 15-16: Cancelled

    Chinese Nationals and Olympic Swim Trials in Qingdao March 8- April 4: Postponed (May 10-16)

    Beach Volleyball World Cup in Yangzhou April 22-26: Postponed

    *List of events provided by onlinegambling.com


    Measures are rightly being taken to try to slow down the spread. But I suspect it will still come at some point. If people simply washed their hands more often after being out, and if people sneezed into a handkerchief, I suspect all these things would be quite effective, just as has proven when avoiding other viruses. However, in the advent of rolling news channels and the internet, the pictures of many people in masks and shop selves running bare, causes the public to panic and act more irrationally. But manufacturers of face masks I’m sure will be quids in.


    3ps-Koln/Cologne is a very nice city,and their fans are mental about the 1FCK.


    Spreading like the black plague, maybe the highest power has decided to punish us again for all our evil ways.

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