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    sean the sailor
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    Ye agree nine, klopp said 7 years so it’s another 3 seasons after this

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    I’ve grown to like Pep since he’s been in the Prem. He generally comes across as somebody gentle away from the touchline and just somebody placid and keeping himself to himself in a nice way.

    So I hope the guy is with us, but the way the industry is nowadays, that’s pretty much unlikely.

    Unai Emery has been a good addition too to the Prem.

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    Nine, I don’t think it’s a case of the likes of them being gone because of any changes to the game. The likes of Fergie and Wenger were always odd ones out, even in their day. I’m not saying that Klopp and Pep are matching their profile but there is nothing stopping them from remaining at a club for longer than usual.

    Now, 7 years is a long time in any conversation. If we get that from Klopp then great. You never know, it might be shorter but I don’t believe for a second that there is some clock over Klopp’s bed that is ticking down to a moment where he rips up his contract and flies off to Spain to manage Villarreal.

    I think he wants to great something special and leave a legacy. He’s a project man, not some guy punching in each day waiting for his pension. He’ll stay as long as he’s supported and has something to build towards. As long as it’s still interesting to him. The moment it’s no longer fun, then you might as well book him a flight.

    There’s no better place for him in the world right now. We’re only 4 points ahead of City now and may lose it all but we might be 15 points ahead of them next season. Klopp is the unstoppable force. I really believe that he’ll get us the PL, this season, or the next, or the next. I think almost certainly within those 3 years though.

    Enjoy the ride and in 4 years time when Poch or someone else is managing us, we will be hoping for another PL title 😉

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    nine nine nine
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    Agreed Mak and if Klopp goes 7 years it will be considerably longer than the norm but we are unlikely to see anyone going 27 years like Fergie or over 20 years like Wenger in the future imo.

    I would be amazed if when the time eventually comes and Klopp leaves Liverpool he doesn’t leave having won a few trophies. Cheers 999

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