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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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    Bit bored must be said, but with rumors of Bale’s impending departure from Real, Spud’s first refusal if he does leave, and I think the probable sale of Dele next summer for a ridiculous sum of cash, I’m teasing myself with the idea of Bale coming home and teaming up with Harry for the new season in the new stadium, taking over Dele’s spot in the team.

    Of course, salary (and injuries) are a bit of an issue, but I can’t make my mind up if I would be a happy camper of not with the above scenario. Give both of ’em 150k a week and a 50k bonus for each goal and see what happens… 🙂

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    Big Jim
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    Think he will go back home to Swansea Chucky!!?

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    I wonder where else he could go. Without wanting to talk down Spurs at all, I can’t imagine any of the (other!) top sides wanting to take the risk on him at his age and with the injury problems he has had recently. He’d want huge wages but would anyone be prepared to pay those any more?

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see him go to Bayern actually to take over from Robben. The league won’t be as physically demanding there. Again though, the wages would be a stumbling block as Bayern aren’t known as being huge spenders.

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    Spurs/Bayern can have him,he is a spent force in football imho!.Don`t want United to go anywhere near him or CR7,or Modric,like I did with James.

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