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    Big Jim
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    So it looks like Pardew is going to West Brom. Aside from a good spell at West Ham this fella gets the sack at every club he goes to. Palace, Newcastle and Charlton. For me he’s just another average PL manager like Pulis, Hughes and Alerdyce that revolve between clubs and achieve nothing while playing rather dull football. Ok perhaps I’m being a tad unfair on Hughes with that last remark. But the point is we all know he won’t be there in 2 years time. And the football will be dull so why does he get the job? When they could take the route of appointing a younger manager with new ideas.

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    Trebor Talbo
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    Is he that guy with the jaundice mouth/teeth?

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    Good choice imho,would love to see Big Sam,Arry and A.Curbishley make a comeback!

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    nine nine nine
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    Pardew is probably a sensible decisions by WBA. Not sure about Big Sam joining Everton he will keep them up but will be take them forward.?

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    Chucky McChuckfaceChucky McChuckface
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