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Home Community Liverpool Echo reporting Coutinho to Barcelona interest has ceased Reply To: Echo reporting Coutinho to Barcelona interest has ceased

Chucky McChuckface

    Going away slightly from the player/club in question, I think the 140m point would be reason to sell regardless. The market has been inflated somewhat due to the English TV money for sure, but I think everybody is forgetting to a degree the Naymer fee was basically a pissing competition that the Qatari’s have started. I do think this was a major blip that people are assuming will continue. Barca set a “release clause” they thought nobody would actually pay but the Qatari’s are simply just showing off. Since that transfer, everybody has stuck 20/30/40% on everything, especially if Barca are trying to buy, and I reckon next summer you won’t see anything like the sums being chucked about. I really think Pool should just take the money and run.


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