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      A month or two into a brand new campaign and 5 games played.

      Both Manchester clubs have very much got off to a flyer with merited performances.

      Liverpool have has a bit of a shaky start, though in fairness, speedbumps are expected because of the quality of their defence.

      Chelsea haven’t faired to bad in defence of their title

      Arsenal are Arsenal. Spurs have faced teething problems in their new home (so far) and despite the money spent and players brought in, Everton’s results haven’t come into fruition.

      The real concern at the foot of the table is Crystal Palace with not even a goal registered let alone a win. Their next 2 fixtures spell doom and Hodgson’s their supposed saviour.

      With all this unfolded, when it comes to post match, sure it’s wonderful to have these platforms, but are we falling into the trap of maybe overthinking things a little and overanalysing?


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