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      Love to of course have Liverpool involved and the League Cup is a contributing part to our overall claim to remaining the most successful English club bar Manchester United.

      I just now find myself in the mix of sheer doom and gloom. It’s as if only ‘Premier League’ supporters exist and no other scope of football beyond that. It’s as if nobody enjoys the actual sport anymore if it isn’t associated with the Premier League and The Champions League.

      It’s pathetic, awful, and soul destroying.

      The sport that I still enjoy playing and at the drop of a hat would miss a days work to mingle in rainfall.

      I heard Jose’s opinion of ‘not being interested’ yet, the same man automatically is interested, once his side reaches the Quarter Finals. Ferguson was the same with his arrogance.

      I think Pep too mentioned something of this kind. Honestly what is up with the precedent set from Top Flight Football in the 21st Century?

      We never in the media receive a wide spread opinion from Club Managers from ALL 4 Divisions, so in my opinion, we are forever immersed with selective comments from selective individuals.

      There’s a serious dearth of English Managers to and the culture of English players overall.


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